Monday, November 13, 2006

Actions Have CO2nsequences!

Saturday 4 November: Buddhists came from throughout the UK to be among the 30,000 people who marched through the centre of London as part of the global Campaign Against Climate Change. Similar marches took place across the world to coincide with the United Nations Climate Change Conference now being held in Nairobi.

The Buddhist gathering on the march was part of an organised weekend programme of events related to climate change at North London Buddhist Centre and the London Buddhist Arts Centre. This included a presentation and discussion about climate change and a post-march ceilidh. There was also a day retreat looking at how we move towards a positive and effective response to the issue based on a broad awareness of ourselves, others and interconnectedness.

The march was peaceful, with something of a carnival atmosphere. Around 40 Buddhists were marching together, behind a very eyecatching banner (pictured) made specially for the occasion. The UK Network of Engaged Buddhists also took part.

Many of the participants in the weekend activities wanted to express their frustration at the lack of urgency on the part of the UK and other governments in dealing with the issue. There was a sense that even recent developments, such as the Stern Review into the economic effects of climate change, were failing to take into account the uncertainty of the situation. Participants also shared information on the practicalites of solar panels, light bulbs, tree planting and carbon-friendly shopping.

- Akuppa



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