Thursday, July 07, 2011

The Significance of the Buddhist Gate

Amogharatna writes from Berlin: 
Thirteen years ago Sangharakshita opened the Triratna centre in Berlin. He gave a short talk about the significance of the centre's name 'the Buddhist Gate'. This talk has now been published in order to help raise funds for the renovation of the recently purchased new Buddhist Gate. While referring specifically to the name of the Berlin centre, the talk is of universal relevance as it relates to the significance of Buddhist centres everywhere.
We are very grateful to Sangharakshita for his permission to publish his talk, and to Cornelia Siemens and Harald Eckhoff for their work in transcribing and translating the talk for publication. The bilingual booklet is available on a donation basis from Buddhistisches Tor Berlin (info [at] buddhistisches-tor-berlin [dot] de ). Enquiries from bookshops are also welcome.

After many months of planning and negotiations building work on the new centre is due to begin around the middle of July and will hopefully be completed by this time next year. The project's progress can be followed at 


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