Friday, July 01, 2011

Latest news on This Being, That Becomes

Dhivan gave a wonderfully insightful talk at the Cambridge Buddhist Centre on 26th May, launching his new book, This Being, That Becomes to an appreciative audience. He will be arranging similar talks at a number of Buddhist Centres across the UK in the coming months.

We have also received a thoughtful review of the book by Vajrasakhi, available to view here.

I’m also including a video of Dhivan introducing the book:

This Being, That Becomes from Clear Vision Trust on Vimeo.

And a short description too:

"This being, that becomes; from the arising of this, that arises." This succinct formula, recorded in texts and carved in inscriptions throughout the Buddhist world, is said to summarise the whole of the Dharma, the teaching of the Buddha.

But how can such a simple summary be the conceptual formulation that characterises the experience of a Buddha, an ‘Awakened One’, a state beyond all words and concepts?

Dhivan Thomas Jones tells us how, and takes us into the heart of the Buddha’s insight that everything arises in dependence on conditions. With the aid of lucid reflections and exercises he prompts us to explore how conditionality works in our own lives, and provides a sure guide to the most essential teaching of Buddhism.

"Clearly and intelligently written, this book carries a lot of good advice."
Professor Richard Gombrich, author of What the Buddha Thought.

For more information, here is a link to the book on our website:


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