Wednesday, July 20, 2011

16th Buddhafield Festival closes to rave reviews

The annual Buddhafield Festival, held in the beautiful Blackdown Hills of Somerset UK, drew to a close early this week to rave reviews. We’re delighted to post a few below, drawn at random from Buddhafield’s Facebook page -

“what a mind-blowing experience it was to be present at my first and definitely never last Buddhafield. I thank you from the bottom of my being, big love to everyone who worked so hard to create this oasis of real and passionate living....bless you all xxxxxxx”

“Best and most inspiring week of my life”.

“Just back from 5 days of bliss, fun, freedom, beautiful deep connections in the best festival I've ever been to! My heart is overflowing with LOVE and Gratitude. That was my first time at Buddhafield and certainly not my last one!

“Thank you for a truly amazing festival, it was my first time at Buddhafield and I will certainly come back next year. It was full of amazing people and I have returned overwhelmed with inspiration and abundance xxx”

At almost 3,000 people, the Buddhafield Festival is Triratna’s largest annual event and distinctive in the UK’s vibrant festival scene for its clear ‘no drink no drugs’ emphasis. The theme this year was ‘Finding Abundance’; this was reflected throughout the festival and indeed Buddhafield’s whole 2011 program. They write “How important it is in these times to evoke a brimming energy of fulfilment, inner wealth and joy that supports us and overflows outwards towards others. In the light of credit crunches, cuts, peak oil and a general air of belt-tightening and lack, we thought we’d go right the other way... We will be working hard to create a richly adorned beautiful space for you to come to. Bring your jewel hearts!

This was the 16th Buddhafield Festival with the team celebrating an unbroken run from 1996 - itself a notable achievement in the fluid world of alternative culture.

Sadhu Buddhafield!



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