Friday, October 10, 2008

Free Buddhist Audio News - Puja in Sanskrit

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The Sevenfold Puja in Sanskrit

Short but sweet this week. As promised last time, we wanted to tell you about a new recording of a special puja from the American Order Convention 2008. It's unusual to hear the Sevenfold Puja performed in Sanskrit and English, so a real treat for all ritual lovers courtesy of Satyadhana, the puja leader. And it's all augmented by some rather lovely harmonic chanting of the Manjushri (Manjugosha) mantra. There's also a special section of chanting at the end, wishing long life for Punya, a much-loved member of the Order who was seriously ill at the time of recording (and still is). The recording was made at Jikoji Retreat Center, California, 2008.

This puja will be of interest to anyone studying the place of ritual in the FWBO, especially as part of the Dharma Training Course for Mitras.


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