Tuesday, February 13, 2007

British Buddhism by Robert Bluck - Reviewed by Jayarava

New in the reviews section is a review of British Buddhism : Teachings, Practice And Development by Robert Bluck. This is an important new book which gives a balanced view of Buddhist groups in the UK including the FWBO. Read more...


Blogger Bodhi said...

Interesting review, Jayarava. I wondered if there was anything the author found to praise in the FWBO, or was this too neutral and academic an article for that sort of thing?

Blogger Jayarava said...

Hi Bodhi,

The chapter was not so much about praise and blame, but about a description of the movement. Dr. Bluck's job, as he saw it (I think), was simply to draw a picture of the movement. Of necessity, given our history, this needed to cover the criticisms of the FWBO from the rest of the Buddhist world. I wonder whether it might be illuminating to invite Dr. to speak to his work in our centres...



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