Monday, January 29, 2007

Ordinations in Australia

Small image if the three jewels on a kesaOn Saturday January 20th, at Vijayaloka, were held the public ordinations of Paul Garner, and John Keogh, who became Sanghamati and Moksavajra.

Sanghamati is associated with our Melbourne Sangha. Buddhdasa acted as his private and public preceptor. Buddhadasa said his name means 'He who's mind is orientated towards the spiritual community'.

Moksavajra is associated with our Sydney sangha. Khemadhamma acted as his private preceptor and Nagabodhi as his public preceptor. Khemmadhamma translated his name as 'He who is a diamond thunderbolt of liberation-freedom.

Sadhu sadhu sadhu!



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