Thursday, August 04, 2011

Triratna News is moving - and thebuddhistcentre launches

Preview of from thebuddhistcentre on Vimeo.
This is a preview video for the full version of 
from the Triratna Buddhist Community. The first phase is now live!

Big news today on Triratna News - and an invitation to all our readers to check out our new online home! This is  Triratna News' last appearance here on Blogger, 1176 posts after launching back in late 2006 - but the birth of a major new website and on-line home for the Triratna Buddhist Community.

Future Triratna News articles WON’T be appearing here, so we’d like to invite you to move over immediately to its new home  -

Candradasa, the new site’s director and designer, writes - “Welcome to, a online new home for the Triratna Buddhist Community and a place of practice for all who share our love of the Buddha’s path.

“This is a ‘transition space’ – our first public step towards a comprehensive Dharma site and social network serving Triratna Buddhist communities around the world. We hope you’ll enjoy the glimpses now available of what’s in store – and that you’ll come back again and again. You can help us build a place where we can practise the Dharma and celebrate our inspirations together. We can’t wait to see what you’ll do with the space!

If you’d like to stay up to date with developments, follow us on Facebook or Twittersign up for occasional news from the project, or get in touch.  We’ll be testing our social network in October by hosting the 2011 Urban Retreat. You can register interest with us and we’ll contact you nearer the time to help you get started with the online retreat.

"Many people have contributed over the years to the Triratna community’s web presence and to getting our new site off the ground. We’re grateful to them all. Particular thanks are due to the Triratna Development Team from the European Chairs Assembly, to the trustees and team at Dharmachakra, and also to Windhorse:Evolution and the Sangharakshita Land Project. Without their generous support none of this would be possible".

The embedded video shows previews of many aspects of the new website; you'll also find it at

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