Monday, July 25, 2011

60 new Mitras at the Mexico City Buddhist Center

new Mitras in Mexico
Mario Peña writes from Triratna’s Mexico City Buddhist Centre with news of no less than 60 mitra ceremonies held there so far this year! He says -

“This June at the Mexico City Buddhist Center we held mitra ceremonies for 18 people; we were fortunate to have the presence of Dh. Anagarika Parami from Spain joining us for this ceremony. This, along with three other ceremonies this year, means we have been joined by 60 new mitras already in 2011.

“These people have been involved here for many years, mostly in the formal study groups we hold, based on the Dharma Training Course for mitras, that have been taking place since a year ago. In conjunction with Triratna’s Buddhist center in Valencia (Spain), we have able to translate much of the Mitra course. And we have already offered about 12 modules of the course to people here, via four different study groups.

“These formal study groups have been very well accepted - we have found that with them people have been able to have continuity in practice and study, and therefore they have helped people to become involved in Buddhism and as well knowing the Triratna Buddhist Order and the thought of Urgyen Sangharakshita and other members of the Order. The modules touch on fundamental issues that help to clarify several Buddhist concepts, practices, teachings and books, finding a systematic and gradual way to learn Buddhism, and understand in this way the Order.

“During her visit Parami gave a talk to 70 people on "What is the Triratna Buddhist Order/Community?" about the history of the Order. It was very helpful to listen the history by a woman who was present in the first years of the Order.

“We hope that all Triratna centers have the same good results. Yours in Buddha, Dharma and Sangha, Mario”.

Their extensive library of Spanish Dharma materials is available on-line at



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