Thursday, June 10, 2010

On the 8th June 2010 the following sixteen women were ordained at Akashavana, the Triratna Buddhist Community's retreat centre in the Spanish mountains. 

Two versions of each name are provided below: First is the proper Sanskrit (or Pali) spelling of the name, given in romanized script with the necessary diacritical marks indicated in parentheses; (this is the actual or 'real' version of the name). Second is the recommended westernisation, which requires no diacritical marks but may often be spelled somewhat differently in order to better reflect the name's pronunciation in the West.

public preceptor Ratnadharini:
Lindsay Hannah becomes Simhamati (dot under first 'm') sanskrit name meaning 'she whose mind is like a lion' westernised spelling: Singhamati private preceptor Parami

Kim Nolan becomes Viryapuspa (bar over 'i' and last 'a', dot under 's') sanskrit name meaning 'flower or blossoming of strong energy directed towards Enlightenment' westernised spelling: Viryapushpa private preceptor Sridevi

Barbaralaure Desplats becomes Manibhadri (dot under 'n', bar over last 'i') sanskrit name meaning 'auspicious, blessed, fortunate as a jewel' westernised spelling: Manibhadri private preceptor Vajrapushpa

Marjorie Wolfe becomes Aryadrsti (bar over first 'a', dots under 'd', second 'r' and 's') sanskrit name meaning 'noble vision' or 'she who possesses a noble, excellent, illustrious vision' westernised spelling: Aryadrishti private preceptor Dayanandi

Jess Davies becomes Vidyadasi (bar over both 'a's and final 'i') sanskrit name meaning 'servant of knowledge (of the nature of Reality)' westernised spelling: Vidyadasi private preceptor Maitreyi

public preceptor Dayanandi :
Phyl Blakey becomes Amoghalila (bar over the 'i' and final 'a') sanskrit name meaning '(she who has) the play of success' westernised spelling: Amoghalila private preceptor Ratnavandana

Kica Gazmuri becomes Simhasri (dot under the 'm', uptick over the final 's', and bar over final 'i') sanskrit name meaning 'she who has the radiance of a lion' westernised spelling: Singhashri private preceptor Viveka

public preceptor Parami:
Helen Tissington becomes Abhayadevi (bar over the 'i') sanskrit name meaning 'fearless/undaunted goddess' westernised spelling: Abhayadevi private preceptor Gunasiddhi

Margaret Fergusson becomes Danabhadri (bar over 'i') sanskrit name meaning 'she whose happiness and goodness lie in her generosity' westernised spelling: Danabhadri private preceptor Gunasiddhi

Christine Ironside becomes Tejini (bar over last 'i') pali name meaning 'having light or splendour, shining forth, glorious', like a 'piercing' flame westernised spelling: Tejini private preceptor Ratnadharini

public preceptor Maitreyi:
Lindsay Henderson becomes Satyadakini (dot under 'd', bar over third 'a' and last 'i') sanskrit name meaning 'dakini of truth' westernised spelling: Satyadakini private preceptor Dayapakshini

Chris Jackson becomes Sraddhalocani (uptick over 's', and bar over second 'a' and last 'i') sanskrit name meaning 'she who has the eyes of faith' westernised spelling: Shraddhalochani private preceptor Moksanandi

Wendy Young become Bodhilila (bar over second 'i' and 'a') sanskrit name meaning '(she who has) the play of awakening' westernised spelling: Bodhilila private preceptor Ratnavandana

Linda Shaw becomes Tamonuda (dot over 'n', and bar over final 'a') sanskrit name meaning 'she who dispels darkness' westernised spelling: Tamonuda private preceptor Muditasri

public preceptor Padmasuri:
Els den Hollander becomes Jayavajri (bar over 'i') sanskrit name meaning 'she who is of the victorious vajra' westernised spelling: Jayavajri private preceptor Khemasiri

Sooz Cohn becomes Dayajoti (bar over second 'a') pali name meaning 'she who has the light of kindness and compassion' westernised spelling: Dayajoti private preceptor Parami

with metta, Ratnadharini, Dayanandi, Parami, Maitreyi and Padmasuri

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Blogger Achalanand said...

congaratulations all sixteen
dhammacharinies ordinated at spanish mountain Triratna centre on 8th june 10.
we wish them all best in spiritual life.

From Triratna Boudha mahasangh
Thane Maharashtra India
Dhc.Achalanand Nityabodhi,Dhammacharini Ratneshree Shantishree Ojonanda.


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