Sunday, November 29, 2009

FWBO Google calendars launched

Google Calendar is an easy-to-use way of keeping track of your appointments - and those of your friends. Now there’s two FWBO calendars publicly available - FWBO History and FWBO Festivals. One gives you significant dates in the history of the FWBO; the other, information on the Buddhist festivals celebrated through the year in the FWBO.

FWBO History is at 

And FWBO Festivals at

To use them, go to your Google calendar account and, under ‘Other Calendars’, click “add”, then “add by URL” and paste the above two links in one-by-one. Meanwhile the one above is fully-functional - and we'd love to be informed of other dates, eg the founding of FWBO Centres around the world...

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Blogger edburton said...

Splendid, I've been looking for an iCal FWBO calendar. Unfortunately I'm getting an error trying to add these URLs to my google app calendar, when following your instructions I get "Import failed
Sorry, is not a valid URL."
, are the links working for anyone else?

Blogger lokabandhu said...

apologies for missing out the http:// part of the two calendar addresses - they were necessary and have now been added in. Apologies also for the weird hyperlinking of the whole article - no idea what is causing this i'm afraid. However you can still cut-and-paste the links anyway.


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