Tuesday, November 24, 2009

On-line survey - your help please!

Maitrisara writes from Oxford with a reqeust for all FWBO News readers -

"The FWBO's Karuna Trust and Clear Vision are working together to develop a project
about Buddhist-inspired social action in Asia (eg Tibet, India, Cambodia,
Sri Lanka)

"The idea of the project is to support Buddhists in the UK to explore their
own practice in terms of the relationship between personal and social
transformation. Part of it will involve the development of online video
clips and study materials available through the Clear Vision website.

"It would help us if you would complete this survey - it only takes FIVE
MINUTES at most. Your answers will help us to design the project and give
evidence for any interest in what we are proposing to do. You don't have to
BE interested in the idea to do the survey - its all useful information to us.


"NOTE: The deadline is 24th November. This is because of the deadline of the fund we are applying for.




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