Monday, December 15, 2008

FWBO classes in Denmark

Advayasiddhi, one of the Order's only Danish members, has recently returned to Denmark and begun classes in Copenhagen. She's running what looks like a pretty full programme of meditation and Dharma classes.

To advertise these she, and members of the small Danish Sangha, have created the FWBO's first Danish website -

This gives full details of the classes, short introductions to the Mindfulness of Breathing and Metta Bhavana (Development of Loving-Kindness) meditations, an interactive map for finding them in the centre of Copenhagen, and finally their 'Dharma Calendar' at, which she describes as " a common calendar for the Buddhist community in Denmark".

There's also a Facebook group, Buddhistisk Meditation, that anyone can be a member of. Advayasiddhi writes that she'd welcome people signing up for it, and also mentions that since they don't have a center that any support, be it on facebook or money, wouild be very welcome.

Advayasiddhi's classes in Denmark are in addition to the existing FWBO presence in neighbouring Finland, Norway, Germany, Estonia, and Russia. Oh, and Sweden!

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Blogger viryabodhi said...

Great Advayasiddhi!

Sweden is quite close, too, in fact you can see it from Copenhagen, across the water.

dharma brother,
(in Stockholm, a little further afield, but I grew up just across from Helsingör, Elsinore in Hamlet.)


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