Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Dates for Karuna Appeals 2008

The dates for the Karuna Appeals in 2008 have just been released on

Peter Hunt from the Karuna ofice says "If you have always thought ‘I would really love to do one of those Appeals’, then maybe 2008 is the year for you to do it. It is an opportunity to raise money for some of the most marginalized people on Earth while experiencing community living and taking your Dharma practice onto the streets. This is a breadth of practice that is hard to find in many other contexts; so why not take the plunge? Visit our website for more info about Appeals."

The dates are:
Spring Appeals
Men’s Appeal: 6th April – 17th May Brighton
Women’s Appeal: 6th April - 17th May Newcastle

Summer Appeals
Men’s Appeal: 8th June – 19th July London
Women’s Appeal: 8th June 19th July London

Autumn Appeal
Mixed Appeal: 7th September – 19th October Oxford

The Karuna Trust team send a total of over £1,000,000/year to social and Dharma projects in India; they are one of the great success stories of the FWBO. Much of their money is raised in these door-knocking appeals, which have pioneered a unique and effective approach to fundraising as a spiritual practice. The appeals website contains several ‘blogs’ from former fundraisers where you can read how they got on and the many challenges they faced.

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