Tuesday, March 06, 2007

FWBO Germany - Karuna Deutschland.

A group of women mitras at the Essen FWBO Centre in Germany have registered Karuna Deutschland, the first Karuna charity outside the UK. Their intention is to find ways to raise funds to support Movement and non-Movement projects, both social and Dharma, in India. Their first task will be to set up publicity and a web-site, then to work out which fund-raising initiatives to adopt - Karuna’s traditional techniques of door-to-door fundraising are unlikely to work in the German situation.

KulanandiMany of the women are friends of Kulanandi (pictured), who has been living and working in India with the Aryatara Mahila Trust (ATMT) for six months in each of the past 3 years. ATMT is the TBMSG’s main vehicle for our women’s projects in India. There is growing interest in local fundraising, with the main Bahujan Hitay trust forming a dedicated fundraising team led by Achaladhamma, and undertaking fundraising training. They have already met with some success and have received donations from a variety of individual and corporate donors.

Story by Lokabandhu



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