Thursday, August 24, 2006

Karuna Fundraising Appeals

So far this year the FWBO charity, Karuna has run 4 Appeals raising a net total of £57,000 per year in standing orders, for social and dharma projects in India and Bangladesh. This is the same as the amount raised in the whole of 2005 and there are still 2 Appeals to run this autumn.

Last year, Karuna raised over 80% (that’s nearly a million pounds folks) of it’s annual funds through it’s 7000 regular supporters, all of whom have been recruited by door to door fundraisers.

Karuna launched a new website in March as a way to attract people to come on fundraising Appeals. And it seems to be working. A recent visitor commented, “I loved the website – it is so colourful, friendly, interesting and even amusing.” She is keen to do an Appeal next year.

This autumn Karuna will be developing the website further with regular diary entries and photos from fundraisers on the Brighton and Birmingham Appeals.

To read about their experiences and to find out Appeal dates for 2007 log on to the new website at:


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