Friday, November 06, 2009

Windhorse Publications launch new book series 'A Buddhist View'

Sarah Ryan from the FWBO’s publishing house ‘Windhorse Publications’ ( writes -

“I’ve got some news from WP for you!

“First of all, the first three books in our new series ‘A Buddhist View’ are now available – we’re really thrilled with how they’ve turned out. They are -

Meaning in Life by Sarvananda
Saving the Earth by Akuppa and
Vegetarianism by Bodhipaksa.

This brand new series from Windhorse Publications examines key issues in life from a Buddhist perspective, offering practical points on living in the 21st Century. The three books available so far deal with our relationships with the environment, food and our perception of life.

There’s various book launches going on - Sarvananda has been to the Cambridge and Ipswich Buddhist Centres.

Less conventionally Bodhipaksa is going to be launching Vegetarianism online on Friday 13th with a marathon 12-hour drop in discussion on his blog , Twitter and Facebook. We’re hoping FWBO News readers will drop in - I’ll write again with more details nearer the time.

Thank you very much for all of your help,
Best wishes,
Sarah Ryan
Windhorse Publications Ltd
t: 01223 911997

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