Sunday, June 24, 2007

Free Buddhist Audio News - Christopher Titmuss, Violence & Emptiness

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Hello again. We've a couple of treats for you today, you lucky things. First, we're very pleased to announce the first talk on our site from a speaker who's not a member of the Western Buddhist Order! That maybe doesn't sound like such a big deal – but believe us, it's not so easy to organize as you might think... Anyway, we're absolutely delighted to welcome the wonderful Christopher Titmuss to the site, with his excellent piece What Self, What World? – his gently impassioned call to a socially and politically engaged Buddhist life. The talk was given as part of the Buddhafield Festival 2006.

Next, we've a brand new podcast - Violence and Emptiness - from San Francisco's very own Suvarnaprabha, in which she explores the Buddhist vision of compassion through her own experience of meditation and contact with inmates within the U.S. prison system. Moving stuff.

And finally, there are a series of small design changes to the site forthcoming - keep your eyes peeled! You may notice, for example, that all talks and individual tracks now display their timings... Ah, the things we do for you.

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